Bingo Elphaba Rescule is a dog that loves his owner Bob. She also likes to play with Rolly, his younger brother when Bob leaves the house. He also has a "sister", a cat named Hissy. He is a character in the Disney Junior Show, Puppy Dog Pals.

Bingo is a pug that helps people when Bob leaves the house. Some of those things include cleaning the house, going to Hawaii, and making Hissy feel better when she's sad.

His debut was "Hawaii Pug-Oh".


Bingo is a dark gray pug. He has green eyes. She wears a dark blue collar with light blue lightning on it. He has a small curled up tail.


Bingo is a smart, loving pug. He is always there for his little brother, Rolly. and very fast he always has a plan


  • He is the first character to appear on screen if not counting the intro. If you count the intro, then Frank Exposition and Esther Exposition are the first.
  • He is also the first character to speak, not counting the title card. If counting the title card, than both him and Rolly are the first characters to speak.
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